The First Feminist and Womanist Writing Space



LIMINAL is a woman-owned business, fiscally sponsored by the 501(c)(3)c Media Alliance. Liminal is located in a brick and mortar space in Oakland, California that serves women and people who are gender non-conforming. Our mission is to provide physical space for the cultivation of community around intersectional narratives of class, race and gender and build platforms for increased visibility of these marginalized voices through four main avenues: event programming, instruction, outreach and strategic networking.



We envision a society of empowered women and people of all gender identities whose narratives inform necessary changes in the existing culture, influence the work sector to adopt social justice business models that similarly value women and gender non-conforming creative entrepreneurs, prioritize the creation of class, race and gender diverse teams who have deeper connections to their work, greater investment in the team’s social and economic success and live more fulfilled and happy lives.

LIMINAL'S stance on the F word


The word "FEMINIST" is problematic as it is historied; it is often relegated to groups of privileged white women and The Academy. It is time to change these applications and limitations.


The Act of INTERSECTIONAL FEMINISM is one of those who have dominated the conversation in the past, listening, supporting and promoting

 The Act of Writing as a Woman is an Act of FEMINISM

The Act of Writing as a Female-Identified person is an ACT of FEMINISM

The Act of Writing as a Female- Bodied person is an ACT OF FEMINISM

The Act of Writing to expose the aspects of social hierarchy that are built on gendered perceptions is an ACT OF FEMINISM

he wave you adhere to is not irrelevant, but a place you understand your self and others from, with the flaws of history attached. Come with an open heart, open mind and the notion that growth is necessary internally and externally, individually and collectively, in order for us to make a difference now and for the future. 

LIMINAL is looking to create a "NEW NORMAL."

FEMINISM is not a solution but a starting point.


LIMINAL was born of an awareness of a need for more spaces dedicated to the exploration and promotion of feminist & womanist artists and creativity.

 Theory Made Actual