Reserve a writing space for yourself at Liminal. You can reserve this space for as little as 1 month and as long as 3 months. All Residencies include 10 hours of work time per week. During the time you are writing at Liminal, you are welcome to participate in any and all of the regular readings that happen. (Monthly Brunch Potluck, Monthly Open Mic, Bi-Monthly Showcase). If you are in residence with others, you are welcome to hold a DIY Writers in Residence Reading to showcase you all.

How to Apply

DIY Writing Residencies are ongoing. Send the following to with the subject line "DIY Residency App:" 

*If you are applying with a group, all 3 writers must get on the same page before applying. You can send your applications separately, but indicate that you are submitting as a group by writing in the subject line "DIY GROUP Residency App * (See section below for details about this option)

1. Writing Sample: Up to 15 pages double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font of any combination of genres or types of writing

2. Statement of Intent: No more than a page explaining what you intend to work on during your residency and where you are in this project right now.

3. Proposed duration of residences: from 1 month-3 months, include alternative range if possible (for groups of 3 that submit together, the proposed duration must be the same for all 3 applicants)

4. Times you can commit to being here to write during those months between 8am-12 midnight M-F and 12 noon-12 midnight on Saturdays and Sundays. (for groups of 3 that submit together, the proposed times must be the same for all 3 applicants)

*All residencies are subject to availability of space managers to provide oversight during requested times. If you have alternative times available, please list these, in order to make your residency possible.

Costs &



A Writing Space of Your Own can be reserved for as little as $250 each per month, if you apply with 2 other writers for the same times. This would mean a desk in a room with 2 others. A Room of Your Own would be $800 a month. 


The Residency can be sponsored by others, or a combination of folks, and covered by making a tax-deductible donation to Liminal in the amount. 


You can apply for grants (through organizations such as the Creative Work Fund, or as an Individual Artist through the Oakland Cultural Grants Program, etc.) and include Liminal as the space where your work will be done. 


You can also make a donation in the amount of $250 or more, to support a writer in residence. To do this, you can nominate someone and their application will be solicited by Liminal in your name, or you can donate in general to have these funds applied to the next writer in need of financial assistance.