Liminal Philosophy

When you teach at LIMINAL, you can teach what you love how you want to teach it. Community Workshop Instruction is the anti-academy approach to writing. This does not mean we are dumbing down material or telling everyone they are an amazing writer. It does mean we are holding compassion, teaching to the empowerment of individuals to go through their own creative processes, rather than any proscribed ideas of process, and that we must be transparent about our brand of instruction, in order to build the student-base that is going to learn best from us.

LIMINAL prefers instructors that can grow with us. We are looking for people who would like to build a client-base and be a part of the growing LIMINAL community. This could mean teaching one class a year, one class each season or growing to have self-employment be your main gig. Any manifestation of having LIMINAL in your 2-5 year plan is ideal.  

How to Apply


Fall 2017           3-hour workshop

Fall Session 1: Begins Week of Sept 11th and ends week of Oct. 16th. Fall

Session 2: Begins Week of October 23rd and ends the week of November 27th

The Fall Workshops Writers' Showcase will be the weekend of December 8th-10th.

You can apply to teach one workshop Per Fall Session.


  • READ THROUGH THE ENTIRETY OF THE “interested in teaching at LIMINAL” doc. (The information on this page.)

By May 31st at midnight SEND to

  • Title of class and 3-5 sentence description   

  • resume with past teaching experience

  • Outline of 3-hour workshop (doesn’t have to be incredibly detailed, but should have topics, format of class and approximated times for each part at least)

  • The dates and times you would like to teach

Available Times for Session 1: Sundays 3pm on, Mondays 6pm-9pm, Thursdays 6-9 pm

Session 2: Sundays from 3pm on, Tuesdays 6-9pm, Wednesdays 6-9pm

  • Be prepared to interview and do a 30-minute teaching demo if you have not previously taught at LIMINAL.

**I WILL GET BACK TO YOU by June 5th. If your proposal is accepted, be ready to pay the $90 deposit within a week of acceptance or you may lose your time slot. Promotional information will be due on the 15th of June to go to print.

Procedural & Guidelines

ALL WORKSHOPS ARE GENERATIVE, meaning that they are meant to generate work.

ALL WORKSHOPS ARE OPEN TO ALL LEVELS. You must be able to scaffold multi-leveled instruction.

The workshop will run with a minimum of 2 people.

You can cancel if there is only 1 person enrolled, but don’t have to.

Workshops cap at 10 paying students

2 spots are left open for people who are not financially able to contribute.

$90 deposit is non-refundable. (see below "Profit Sharing")

All Student Registrations for workshops are through LIMINAL.


It is the primary responsibility of workshop instructors to promote their workshops and get butts in the chairs.

However, given that the instructor makes given deadlines for print material submissions, Liminal will make a Facebook Event for all Workshops Available that Season, as well as list the workshop on the LIMINAL Website, with direct links to register for the class and will be promoting the classes this Spring/Summer via classroom visits, flyering and tabling at events prior to their start.

Liminal will also host an info session where instructors can present their workshops and students can sign up for classes, prior to the start of the workshops.


If you will require students to bring printed materials, you can ask them to print them prior to class. You can provide them if you like. Liminal does not offer printing services. You can also make all materials available as digital documents and let students know to have a device with them for class.

Employment Status

As this is a profit sharing model, where you are essentially reserving space to teach, you will be responsible for reporting wages/paying any taxes on the money made at LIMINAL as self-employment income. You can deduct the $90 as an expense for reimbursement. Should you make $600 or more with LIMINAL, you will be required to fill out a 1099 for our Tax Records. Earnings below $600 are the responsibility of the individual to report.

Profit-Sharing Model:

Deposit of $90 for space use

Profits from Workshop are yours, paid the day of the workshop.

Student Rates: ALL 3- Hour WORKSHOPS are $45


Payment for the class is given to the instructor on the day of the workshopping the form of cash, check or PayPal transfer.

The more people you enroll, the more money you make! (Enroll 3 people to make a profit.)