Fall 2017

Work Study Writers in Residence Fall Program Details


September-Mid December Commitment

Minimum of One shift of 4 hours per week for this duration

Work at Liminal as a trade for use of the space during all open hours, 1 free event hosting privileges during your work-study, a cohort of writers-in-residence, blog updates on liminal website on your creative work and projects, final reading for work-study writers, access to Liminal community, opportunity for ongoing partnership


Work Study Writers in Residence do a variety of things ranging from keeping the space clean to being the responsible party that welcomes folks in and makes sure the cats don't get out, to administrative work like emailing and researching to promotional work like flyer designing and writing press releases. 

The daily shift will involve sweeping, mopping and making sure coffee and tea are ready for not-yet-caffinated writers to indulge in. You are the space holder, the greeter, the host(ess with the hostess) and a knowledgeable resource about the goings on at LIMINAL.

You will be expected to be personable, to keep logs of who comes in, along with their contact info, and to follow-up with them to encourage them to buy a membership, contribute to Liminal and/or participate in an upcoming reading or event. 

When people are not there, that is when you will do admin stuff. 


There will be a required training on Saturday and Sunday August 19 and 20.


How to Apply

Applications are open until July 1st. Notification by August 1st.

Send the following as word document attachments to gina@theliminalcenter.com and put "work-study application" in the subject line of the e-mail:

 1. a letter of intent/interest (up to one page): Why would you like to do work-trade at Liminal? What are you hoping to accomplish in this time, creatively, professionally, communally or otherwise?

2. a bullet list of your previous applicable work experience/1 page resume (no longer than a page!)

3. Writing sample: 5-10 pages of double spaced work (can be academic, creative, journalistic and in any form). If you are a visual artist or other sort of artist, feel free to apply as well. Provide a link to portfolio in this case or a website where I can see your work. Include what sort of accommodations you would need in terms of space to do your work at Liminal, other than desk space that is provided for writing.

4. Availability and interest: what days and shifts are you available?

LIMINAL aims to be open M-F 12pm to midnight on nights that there are no events, though this is based on availability. Saturdays and Sundays often have events, which is an option to work as well. Give all availability for 8am-12 midnight Monday-Sunday.

How many shifts can you work? 

Each shift of 4 hours gives you 4 hours of additional time in the space per week. The more hours you work, the more time you have in the space to work on your own writing or other creative endeavors. 



Furry Small Things Clause

There are cats (and a damn bunny). If you are allergic to furry things, this is unfortunately not something that can be changed at this time. When we are rich and famous and the cats live in a loft on the other side of town, things will be different. Please indicate your level of comfort with animals.