"ALL POINTS FROM THE CENTER" POTLUCK BRUNCH & Free Mini Writing Workshop will continue starting in September.

Liminal is on a summer programming hiatus. Space is still available for gatherings and classes during this time. 

Fall Workshops

Fall Session 1

Week of Sept. 11 - Week of October 16th

How to Write Like A Woman

w/Gina Goldblatt

Explore an alternative way of creating stories with the “liminal arch” as a means of finding authentic voice, experimenting and writing in ways and about topics that are considered taboo or irrelevant in mainstream literature and society.

Monday Nights 6-8pm


Parents/Generation: An Excavation of the Generative in Us

w/Norma Smith

Explore the details of how familial relationships generate (and/or create obstacles to) the development of our personal narratives. Begin by selecting an important foundational relationship to interrogate through writing and focused reading.

Tuesday Nights 6-8pm


Write, Move

w/Alison Luterman

Using physical warm-ups and simple games from Interplay, Authentic Movement, and Intuitive Dance as well as writing prompts culled from Robert Bly's beautiful book, Leaping Poetry,, we'll access our body's innate wisdom and "leap" between the different brain centers as we write our stories and poems

Wednesday Nights 6-8pm

Fall Session 2

Week of October 23rd - week of November 27th

Women Who Rise

w/Kimberly Gomes


Blur the line between creating art and co-creating ourselves. Draw inspiration from writers whose works embody living with and rising beyond mental, emotional and physical difficulties. Use meditation and asanas to ease us in and out of writing exercises. Create works and build basic tools for your own heroine’s journey.



Let the Crazy Child Write

w/Clive Matson

Tap into the energetic flow of poems, stories and rants that run through us. Use exercises to get to the creative unconscious or “Crazy Child” and write wildly and freely.

Mondays 6-8pm


The Art of Wandering

w/Nora Boxer

Practice “creative tracking,” synching our inner and outer landscapes as we move through the streets around Liminal

Back in the workshop space, we’ll each piece together our urban gleanings into a cohesive piece of writing,

Two 3-hr workshops dates tbd

40 minutes of wandering

Email gina@theliminalcenter.com for payment options and to reserve your seat!

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Pictures from "Embodying Spaces" LIMINAL's 2nd Anniversary Soiree! Video coming soon!