Queering Media with Hugo Evans


Queering Media with Hugo Evans


Noon- 3pm on January 28th

All Proceeds Donated to LIMINAL

Queering Media Description:

Do you ever feel like media and popular culture don’t speak to you? Do you resent their normalization of hetero-normativity, gender conformity, racial imbalances, class disparities, and toxic masculinity themes? Have you ever wanted to take a piece of media and change it to meet your vision?


Frequently mainstream media depicts the LGBTQ community as cheap tropes, inaccurate stereotypes, or ignores them completely. In the process it reinforces heterosexual, cisnormative, patriarchal ideals of “normal." Queering media seeks to re-appropriate mainstream media and/or popular culture to make a political statement about being part of or allied with the queer community. Specifically it is taking iconic moments in film, TV, song, etc…and redoing them so that they are representative of queer experiences, themes, and people.


This workshop is the opportunity to take a piece of media and queer it. In the process, we will reinscribe new themes, depictions, and interpretations. So pick a song, image, video, animation, or any other piece of media and we’ll deconstruct it and reimagine it in a queer lens.


Prerequisite- Laptop, tablet, or smartphone


Cost: $45 (all money goes to Liminal)


Hugo Evans Ph.D. is an independent scholar whose work examines the nexus of gender, policy, and U.S. history.  His current research examines the historical contributions of transgender people in the military. He is also the Vice President of Technology for management consulting firm, as well as doing individual technology consulting for non-profits. He is full of sarcasm, a full fledged cynic, and proud vegan.


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